Founded in 198X, Pendleton Design Management has over thirty years experience providing clients the very best landscaping in the Intermountain West by seamlessly integrating native planting and water features into the natural established environment. Each member of the Pendleton team are all life-long Utah residents who know the challenges homeowners face such as flower loving deer, summer drought, and winter drainage on sloping properties, yet our landscape designs take advantage of the positive characteristics and topography of each site. Our team is small enough to give personal attention to each and every client, but large enough to provide expert guidance from engineering to lighting and everything encountered in between. At Pendleton, we consistently strive to push our design capabilities, pursue education, and offer cutting edge resources to stretch new muscles in design and innovation.


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It is really hard to put my emotions into words. The things that Pendleton Design has done for us – for this yard which I dearly love, has been nothing short of magical to me. You bring such joy to so many people. Honestly, the world is just a better – and prettier – place because of Pendleton Design.”
— John and Amy Garff