Maintenance Services

We specialize in the health and performance of beautiful landscapes.  

Our care and concern for trees goes beyond the landscapes we've planted. PDM wants to see all plants thrive in their environment as it enriches everyone's surroundings. Trees are an investment and their long term health and stability is worth protecting. 

We provide expert pruning where our goals are to enhance your trees natural aesthetics as well as prune for vigor and longevity. 

PDM provides a systemic approach to fertilizing, utilizing Carbon One. This fertilizer acts as an energized carbon catalyst infused with oxygen, hydrogen and nutrients, enhancing the root system and triggering the plants natural ability to thrive and strengthens its ability to fight against pests and pathogens.

For an estimate on a Carbon One treatment or pruning, contact us at office@pendletondm.com.   

Transforming properties through Carbon One innovation

Can you guess which shrubs were treated with Carbon One and which were not?

For more detailed information on how Carbon One works, watch this short video.