We install specimen trees unique in their stature, character, quality and beauty. These one-of-a-kind trees can be installed as large as 24 inch caliper to complement, give dimension and provide and ageless quality to the overall landscape.  have resulted in a team that can make your vision a reality.  We have the finest sources and supply for high elevation trees and are proud to offer robust, high quality/high performance varieties exclusive to Pendleton Design Management through our own growing programs.  We have the best artistic specimen trees nationally. This is due to relationships we have forged with growers over the last thirty five years.

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Our natural streams, falls and ponds provide enjoyment throughout the year and for generations to come. They range from elaborate stream and trout and koi ponds over large acreage, to small and intimate residential entries.



We create integrative stone patios, stairs, walkways, and bridges with pieces as large as 12 feet by 8 feet. We also set unique stone seats and natural rock retention that balance the landscape.

Tree Gallery