Sequoia Patios and Paths-- A Pendleton Signature Element

Sequoia patios and paths are a signature element of Pendleton Design Management. The Sequoia path seen here was installed in the fall of 2014 on Walker Lane and the surrounding plantings are now establishing and you can appreciate the full beauty of the Sequoia component in this landscape.  Each Sequoia section is its own art-piece with unique ribbons and rings. The warmth of the wood and the natural shape of each step creates a distinctive and intimate setting for this path.  We’ve been asked where we get our Sequoia pieces; we only use Sequoia from private homeowners in Oregon, whose trees have outgrown their space and are too large to transplant—rest assured no tree was cut down in the forest!

The Mikawa Yatsubusa in the foreground was shown, right after it was planted, in a Facebook post on September 15, 2014. A PDM favorite, the bright Aureum Maple’s in the background add a cheerful glow of light to the path.